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On this website there are several things that can be downloaded. The most common is in 'pdf' format. This needs 'Adobe Acrobat reader' on your computer. It is quite likely that you will find that it is already there. If not you can normally find it on any free disc from a computer magazine or if you have a digital camera there should be a copy on the installation disc. If not you can download it for free from:-

Acrobat reader

There can often be 'word' or 'excel' files on websites that you may not be able to read if you do not have the latest copy of 'Microsoft Office'. You can download free 'viewers' for this from:-

Word & Excel viewers

How about changing your internet browser from 'internet explorer' to:-

'Monzilla Firefox'. Why?

It is more secure and has a few extra features. It also has a very good 'download manager' You can find it at:-


If you would like information about free software or some help then click here.

If you have any trouble downloading you can always email me, I may be able to help. I am quite happy to take queries by email or give telephone help for free, but if you need a home visit I would have to make a charge.

Brian Webb